5 Days of Code

05/18/20191 Min Read — In 100 days of code, Personal

After one week of blogging every day as part of my 100 Days of Code challenge it's time for evaluating my experience.

It's a new experience for me to blog about programming and I love it. Yesterday I blogged about the render props pattern. In one day I not only learned the basics of this pattern but I also blogged about what I learned. I am sure I will continue doing this as it is a great way to learn and solidify new things.

However, the 100 Days of Code challenge is, well, challenging. As I said before, I code almost every day, so the only thing I have to do now is write about it. But that takes quite some time. Maybe my blog post are too long... 😊And too detailed perhaps, but that's what I want. And also, having to write every day feels like an obligation and I don't want too many obligations.

So that's why I decided to quit the challenge, but to keep on blogging. Writing a blog 2 or 3 times a week is also fine I think.