Day 0 - A new challenge - 100 Days of Code

05/13/20192 Min Read — In 100 days of code, Personal

This is day zero of my 100 Days of Code challenge!

On this day I introduce myself and my goals for this challenge.

I am a software developer, so coding every day is not a big challenge for me. However, sharing with others what I code, is. I mean, who is interested in reading my stuff, it has already been done and written many times before.

But recently I discovered that this is not a reason to not share these kind of things. And also that the best way to learn new things and really understanding and solidifying these new things, is by teaching others. Or at least sharing with others. Please read this inspiring blog about solidifying what you learn by Kent C. Dodds. Or listen to this React podcast where he shares some of his very inspiring secrets of how he built his career.

So sharing my experiences on this blog is not only a way to share my 100 Days of Code experiences but also to learn how to explain, understand and solidify things better.

As I said, I am a software developer. During the day I mostly program C#. In my free time I am learning React.js and already gave some beginner workshops to my colleagues. So this is me bringing that “learn by teaching” thing into practice.

I think my 100 Days of Code challenge will be mainly about React and my workshops, because that is something I am really excited about.

When I decided to do this 100 days challenge I was thinking about how to share (and log) my experiences. On Twitter, ofcourse, but I would also like to blog about it, which for me is, like I said, a way (or excuse) to learn how to explain things better. So every day I will tweet about my day of coding and put a link in it to the blog post that describes that day in more detail.

Now the problem is: I do not have a blog. So the first thing I will do for my 100 Days of Code challenge is to make a blog website and share my findings with you. I want to start blogging from day 1, so the blog has to be working right away after day 1. I need a MVP (minimal viable product) that just works. How it looks comes next, which I will also share on my blog ofcourse.

Stay tuned for day 1 of my coding challenge!